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Outages are being reported in the Deadwood, Indian Creek, Lake Creek Mountain, West Fork, and in the 14000's - 15000's of Hwy 36. Crews have been dispatched. If your power is out, please report it at 541-688-8711. Please leave your porch light in the on position so that crews will be able to rapidly determine who has been restored. It's a windy one out there - stay safe.

Directors and Districts

Photo of District 1 Director Ernie Jacksch

Photo of District 2 Director Curtis Short

Photo of Director Cheryl Haskell

District #1, Ernie Jacksch

District #2, Curtis Short

District #3, Cheryl Haskell
Vice Chairwoman

Photo of Director Marlene Northrup Photo of Director Cliff Kelley

Round gray circle with text Co-ops Build Community

District #4, Marlene Northrup

District #5, Cliff Kelley



District 1: Low Pass, Blachly, Horton, Triangle Lake, Deadwood, Indian Creek areas.

District 2: Fern Ridge: South Territorial Road, Butler and Lawrence Road areas.

District 3: Junction City, Cheshire, North Territorial Road, Hwy 99 North areas.

District 4: Hwy 36, Hall Road, North Poodle Creek Road areas.

District 5: Walton, Hwy 126 West, Warthen Road, Sheffler Road, South Poodle Creek, Knight Road areas.

Note: Districts are assigned by general location and account number to give equal member representation in each district. To determine the district in which a member resides, refer to your statement or contact the Blachly-Lane office at 688-8711.

Visit here for more BLEC board information.

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