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Electric Service Installation

Blachly-Lane New Electrical Service Check List

Use this convenient checklist as a guide when installing new temporary or permanent electrical services. If you should need further assistance, please feel free to call our office at (541) 688-8711.

1. A building and electrical permit may be obtained at Lane County Permit Center located at 128 East 8th Avenue.

2. Contact Blachly-Lane, located at 90680 Hwy 99, 688-8711, between 8:00 am and 4:30 PM to coordinate placement and approval of the electric services. The following information is needed when placing the service order with Blachly-Lane:

  • Name, phone number, mailing address.​Photo of an electric meter
  • Service address and Tax Lot #.
  • Permit Number.
  • Panel size, voltage, single or three phase.
  • Overhead or underground service lines.
  • Square footage of completed structure.
  • Structure type and use.
  • Heat & air conditioning source, type, and KW load.
  • Hot water heater source.
  • Electrician's name and phone number.


3. Blachly-Lane's representative will meet you on the site for placement of electric service. Blachly-Lane will provide a quote for the cost of electrical service. When installation costs are paid, construction will be scheduled. Your service request may require an easement for new facilities. As a convenience, Blachly-Lane provides the necessary form as well as a notary public service.

4. For information on energy efficiency programs, contact our office at 688-8711. We offer financing programs, contractor listings, and rebates.

5. After performing your portion of the electrical work, you will notify both the State Electrical Inspector (503-378-4133) and the County Inspector (541-682-3823) to obtain the final electrical inspection.

6. Once your service has received the final inspection approval (Green Tag on meter base), you will notify Blachly-Lane for service installation and/or hook-up.

If not previously completed as part of Step Three, the customer responsible for the monthly billing will contact Blachly-Lane, 90680 Hwy 99, 688-8711, between 8:00 am and 4:30 PM to initiate a request for a service account and membership. The request includes completion of an electric service agreement, a $5 membership fee, a $25 service setup fee, and a satisfactory letter of credit from the previous electric utility or a deposit.


photo of a rural meter base and meter



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